What you need to know

How much money will I make?

That depends on many things. It’s a numbers game, so the more designs you upload to TemplateCloud, the more times they’re likely to be ordered. But it’s not just about the quantity – quality is important too. The most popular templates can increase in price the more they’re ordered.

How do I know how many royalties I have earned?

You can check how much you have earned via your TemplateCloud, we will deal with such requests in a timely manner though time shall not be of the essence.

How is the royalty for my design split up?

The highest royalty you can receive is 33% (the ‘Aggregate Royaltyâ?) of the sums paid by the end user for the use of your Template but not for the avoidance of doubt the total sums paid by an end user (which sums may for example include the sums paid for print, paper, delivery, etc.) for the product and/or service that utilizes your Template. The Aggregate Royalty is broken down into the following constituent parts:
  • 60% in respect of supplying the layout, look and feel, color scheme and overall composition of the Template (the ‘Creative Royaltyâ?).
  • 20% in respect of supplying the correct literal written content of the Template (the ‘Language Royaltyâ?).
  • 10% in respect of supplying the artistic written composition of the Template (the ‘Custom and Practice Royaltyâ?).
  • 10% in respect of supplying the correct size, spacing and overall technical composition of the Template (the ‘Technical Royaltyâ?).

How does this work when my design is sold abroad?

For Templates used in your Home Market you will receive the Aggregate Royalty. For derivative Templates we have created as modifications to your Template for use in sites operating in markets other than your Home Market you will receive the Aggregate Royalty less any of the Creative Royalty, the Language Royalty, the Custom and Practice Royalty or the Technical Royalty depending on the modification made by the Site Manager.

We have developed our royalties policy to give your endeavors the greatest opportunity for use across multiple platforms and enhance your earnings potential of course if at any time the royalties you are receiving are not acceptable to you may terminate the Template Supply Agreement according to its terms.

I’m bilingual, can I translate my own designs?

Our default position is that we only allow you to upload Templates designed for use in the country in which the bank account attributed to your account resides (we call this your ‘Home Marketâ?). We insist on this because we believe content is best produced by a native of the market it is intended for, if you are multi-lingual and wish to be considered and permitted to supply Templates in multiple languages email us at setting out the second languages you are fluent in and one of our local representatives for whom your second language is their native tongue will contact you.

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