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Where your designs will be sold

Which websites will my designs be sold on?

TemplateCloud is part of who operate a variety of distribution of sites (a current list of such channels can be found below) through which your creative endeavors may be promoted in the form of Templates you upload to the site (and modified Templates created by us to suit markets other than your Home Market). We currently sell or have plans to sell selected designs on the following sites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, We may add new sites or change this list from time to time.

Which countries will my designs be sold in?

Currently, your designs may be sold in the UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States, depending on whether they are suitable for that market or country.

How will my templates be sold in foreign countries? Je ne parle pas français�

We will translate and re-purpose your designs for different markets and countries. This could require modifications related to variations in the size, technical specifications of goods to be ordered bearing the Template as well and text translation to the principal language spoken in the market and the customs meanings/terms and grammatical nuances of the market. The managers of our various sites may then choose to select and use your Templates on their sites.

That means your business card, leaflet, stationery, or poster designs may be sold not just in the USA but also across a multitude of different markets across the world. Each different language will appear as a duplicate of your design in TemplateCloud. You’ll earn royalties up to $50 each time your design is sold as set out in the Royalty section and there is no limit to the number of times that a design can be sold.

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