Tips & Tricks
Ideas and advice before you start designing

How do I know who to design for?

All of the sites we use to sell your designs target small, micro businesses that typically fit industry profiles such as:

Accountants, Beauticians, Builders, Cleaners, Consultants, Electricians, Florists, Gardeners, Mechanics, Personal Trainers and Plumbers

However this doesn’t mean that these are the only industries you can design for. Think of the type of micro business that would use a design online service, what do they do? What type of marketing would they use? Do they only use flyers and leaflets or would they use stationery items, posters or discount cards as well? As an existing designer you have a wealth of information about what clients want, use this to think of innovative marketing ideas and new sectors. If you think of something before anyone else and your design is the first on the shelves it’s much more likely to sell!

If you are running low on inspiration, we get frequent design requests from end clients when they can’t find an appropriate design for their business. We put together Design Briefs for these and post them on our blog ready for you use and saving you time when thinking of creative copy for specific sectors.

How can I increase the chances that my design will sell?

When you are putting designs together, make sure you are following the TemplateCloud Tactics on our blog. This is our simple mantra for all TemplateCloud designers to make sure that their designs use commercial marketing tactics to appeal to end customers. Use this checklist when putting together your designs as this will increase the chances that they will be bought and used as marketing material by micro businesses and SMEs.

We frequently develop new functionality for building and editing templates to allow more flexibility so be sure to keep an eye on our blog to keep up to date with the latest developments. As soon as new functionality is introduced, get to grips with it and use it in your designs so that end clients can benefit from greater flexibility.

Once you are happy that you have a good design make sure that you promote it to a wider audience to increase your possibilities of a sale and royalty earnings.

How can I promote my designs?

Advertising your design yourself is a great way to get more sales. Post your new designs on Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook to make sure it is visible on other websites. If you know anyone in the relevant industry you can get them to like or share your design for you to increase the chances that the right audience are viewing your design. Share it within the design community as well via Flickr, Tumblr, Pintrest or other online portfolio or blog sites – the more you share, the more chances of sales and royalties for your designs.