Adding TemplateCloud® to your online print store


Adding TemplateCloud® via the API

TemplateCloud® doesn’t replace your existing website. It doesn’t change how you display your products and prices. It doesn’t alter how your checkout process works.

TemplateCloud® enables your visitors to search for designs, see preview thumbnails and then edit the templates. The TemplateCloud® API embeds our advanced ‘editor’ within your website, which means your customers never leave your site.

When your clients have finished editing their design, perhaps after uploading their own photos, they continue through your existing checkout and payment process. Once they have completed their purchase, you simply use the TemplateCloud® API to generate a print ready PDF which is available for download within minutes.

Adding the TemplateCloud® API requires programming from your web developer. We provide full documentation and example code in common languages to assist them in doing this. Find out about the TemplateCloud API packages.

TemplateCloud® doesn’t replace any of your existing website, it adds the search and editing function for clients without artwork

The API controls the interaction between TemplateCloud® and your established website

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