What is TemplateCloud®
Template Library and online graphics ‘editor’ for your online print store

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What is TemplateCloud?

TemplateCloud® is a design ‘editor’ that you can add to your existing online print shop. It enables visitors to your website who do not have a graphic file to upload to create their artwork online, and order printing from you.

Visitors can browse ‘industry specific’ templates and refine their search not only by sector, but also by color, size and genre. It includes designs for flyers, leaflets and other stationery, not just business cards.

TemplateCloud® opens the template in its next generation editor enabling your client to personalize the template, edit the text and upload their logo.

Templates contain ‘industry specific’ photos and images. Your client can upload their own, or utilize the embedded image library that contains 14 million images.

TemplateCloud® is integrated into your established online print shop via an API (Application Programming Interface). This process is undertaken by your web developers, and a full technical briefing is provided. Support is also available via webinars and a help forum.

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Your client has access to over 10,000 templates and 14 million easy-swap images

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Key facts

  • Get print ready PDFs from each order;
  • Full range of products including flyers, leaflets and business cards;
  • ‘On-design editing’ as opposed to ‘text boxes at the side’;
  • Over 10,000 templates featuring sector specific copy and photos;
  • Most templates are ‘crowdsourced’,
  • ‘Real Design by Real Designers’;
  • A library of 14 million images providing unrivaled creative scope for your client;
  • US sizes also available;
  • Templates also available in Spanish, French and Dutch;
  • Add to your online print shop via an Application Programming Interface (API);
  • Integration is easily completed by any experienced developer. Full support provided;
  • Choice of subscription packages;
  • Get started from $995;
  • Switch packages as your usage and requirements change.

The TemplateCloud® differential.

The TemplateCloud® mantra is ‘Real Design by Real Designers’. This means that our designs are ‘crowdsourced’ from freelance designers, making TemplateCloud® the pre-eminent template library, measured by its creativity and diversity. New templates are added weekly.

The editing process is a highly intuitive editing experience. This means that TemplateCloud® is suitable for more complex designs like flyers and leaflets, and especially apt for editing paragraph and ‘body’ text.

To date, TemplateCloud® offers over 10,000 templates and 14 million easy-swap images, giving your client unrivaled creative choice. The belief is simple: by providing lots of options, coupled with easy editing, the likelihood that visitors to your online print shop will find a design that is right for their business is greatly increased, which means more print jobs for you.

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‘Crowdsourcing’ makes TemplateCloud® the most dynamic, creative and diverse template library available